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    To se mi nezda (Já chci být hvězda)Alternative Rock
    Hudobný projekt už aj v českých rádiách: Ladat To se mi nezdá, já chci být hvězda ... na RADIO BEAT
    Soundcloud collaboration Switzerland - Slovakia (A Czech artist LadaT and S4S Music Platform)

    How LadaT commented the collaboration :
  • You would certainly agree that some of the best moments in everyone’s life are those which were not planned? They have extra taste, something sweeter than the others.This song has a little something from this. It’s a flashback as it’s based on an instrumental rock track. It made its own path on the wide internet, softly, quietly, until a gentleman commented it with enthusiasm.
  • This gave it a new impulse, some kind of acceleration. Sometimes, a small extra inch of inspiration helps to unwind things. In this case, it was “Pražský výběr” and the inimitable style of Vilém Čok which crossed my mind. One evening later, the final recording was done.